I’m Mergin’ Here! – Merge Across

If you have data in a cell that you want to merge across several columns and/or rows, you highlight the range of cells and click on Merge and Center on the Home tab:

This will take that information and merge and center it across all rows and columns.  But what if you have several rows that you want to merge horizontally but not vertically, and you want to do them all at once, not individually.  That’s where Merge Across comes in.

Let’s take these 3 rows of labels:

If we highlighted all 3 rows across columns I through K and clicked on Merge & Center, you would see this message:

Which would result in this:

Not quite what we wanted.  But instead, if, after highlighting the rows of labels and columns to span, we selected Merge Across from the down arrow next to Merge & Center:

It will merge the individual rows across the 3 columns.  Then you can center the labels using the Center align button and all is well!

That should save you a few clicks!

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