I Need A Random Number!

Creating a blog for Excel often requires generating a table to use as an example.  Setting up the rows and columns isn’t too challenging, but manually and randomly generating values to fill that table can be tedious and boring.  That’s where =RANDBETWEEN can be very handy.  Check this out….

Here’s a simple layout for a table:

I want to fill it with sales data of values between 10,000 and 20,000.  In the top left cell I enter =randbetween(10000,20000) and hit enter:

It generated a random number between 10-20,000.  Next, just drag the formula to the rest of the table:

Notice how the number for Tom in January has changed.  Any time you copy or modify this formula, it will generate a new random number.  Next, you need to Paste Special Values in these cells to convert them from formulas to fixed numbers so they don’t keep changing on you.  I’ve done a previous post on this topic.  To find it, just do a search for Paste Values Only in the Search box in the right column of my blog and follow those instructions.

With a little formatting, your random table can look great!

There ya go!

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