Get The Dupes Out Of Here!

Located in the Data Tools group of the Data tab is a button called “Remove Duplicates”:

Notice in my simple table that I have two rows that are identical:

To remove the duplicate entry, highlight your table and click on the Remove Duplicates button:

A pop-up box will appear that allows you to select the columns that you want to include in your duplication criteria.  If we left them all checked, Excel would remove just Row 9 from the table:

However, we can reduce the criteria to only a couple columns and Excel will respond accordingly.  Let’s say you want to remove all duplicates of Salesman & Model only.  Just leave those columns checked and hit OK:

The duplicates removed are now 4 with 7 entries remaining:

As with other functions we review here, play around with this one and see what results you get.  You can always click on the Undo button if you don’t like the results!  Now go find those duplicates!

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