Multiple Lines Of Text In One Cell

There may be occasions where you want to have several lines of text in one row in a worksheet.  I have three model numbers that I want to keep together in one cell:


Normally, if you type one in a cell and hit Enter, it will go to the next row for entry of another item like this:

However, if you want them to all be in one cell, when you hit Enter, hold down the Alt key.  This will allow you to add another line within the same cell:

Pretty slick!  However, it looks like only the top row appears in the formula bar!  Not so.  You can increase the height of the formula bar by dragging the lower edge down.  You will then see all the contents of the cell:

One note of caution.  If you do this with numbers, Excel will treat it as text and will not allow you to process it as values.

I hope this tip can be useful to  you!  Keep watching for more helpful tips from Excel Bytes!

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