Ctrl + Enter In A Range Of Cells

I often need to generate a series of random numbers to test formulas and tips. In the case below, I want to enter sales values using =RANDBETWEEN for my test data:


I highlight the area from cell D3 to J14. Then, in cell D3, enter the formula =RANDBETWEEN(100,2000). This will give me a series of random numbers between 100 and 2,000. But instead of hitting Enter, I will hold down the Ctrl key and hit Enter:


And the result is:


Check any cell and you will see that the same formula exists in each. This can be used with a variety of formulas. One thing to note, though, is if you are working with a range of data that these formulas utilize, you may need to create absolute values instead of relative values in your formulas. If you are unfamiliar with this process, see me previous post here.

This is a nice, quick way to enter the same data or formula into a range of cells. It doesn’t have to be a formula, it could be a single number, a label or a date. Here’s something to try – by holding down your Ctrl key, select a series of non-contiguous ranges on your worksheet, enter a label, then use Ctrl + Enter. What happens? Pretty neat, huh?

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  1. Michael Leng June 9, 2013 at 4:33 am #

    How did all those figures come out from?

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