Chart Alignment – Make Your Data Look Neat!

I have two charts that are of different sizes and not aligned, and I want my worksheet to look neat and organized.  Although I am only using two charts for space considerations, this process can be used on multiple charts:

Select one chart, then, while holding down the Ctrl key, select all the other chart(s):

Note the borders around both charts allowing you to resize the charts.  Now, while all charts are selected, right click on one of them and go to Size and Properties:

You can enter in any values you’d like.  I will put in 3.5 x 4.5:

And now the charts are the same size.  However, they are not aligned.  The next step, while both charts are still selected, is to go to the Format tab under the Drawing Tools menu, and click on the Align button:

From here you can select how you want the charts to align.  I chose Align Middle, and now my charts are the same size and in line perfectly!

Try different choices with your charts and see the effect of each option.

Happy Excelling!

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