Autofill With Alt + Down Arrow

Here is an example of a table where I have blanks in the Location column that need to be filled in: 

In this case, if I typed an “A”, “Austin” would autofill.  If I typed an “N”, “New Orleans” would autofill.  But a “T” could be Tulsa or Tuscon.  Even typing “Tu” could result in either one.  There may be situations where several of the beginning characters are the same, and autofill becomes less useful. 

An alternative is to use Alt + Down Arrow.  Select the cell where you want to enter the data and press Alt + the down arrow: 

A drop down box will appear containing all the variables in that column.  All you then need do is select the one you require and it is entered into that cell! 

Give it a try and see if it works for you! 

Happy Excelling! 

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