Logarithmic Scaling!

Here is a table with four sets of data that are significantly different: 

If we create a chart from this data, we’ll get something like this: 

It’s easy to visualize Ed’s data, but the others are too low on the scale to detect the variances.  Here’s where the logarithmic scale comes in very handy.  Right click on the left axis and choose Format Axis.  From there, click on Logarithmic Scale, and select the base you want to use (I left it at base 10): 

Choosing this option changes the scaling of the axis from linear to logarithmic.  Now each mark on the scale increases exponentially by one (10^1, 10^2, 10^3, etc.).  As noted, you can set the base number as you wish. 

You can even mix the secondary axis option that we learned in yesterday’s post with this one and get a very creative looking chart: 

Have fun being creative and Happy Excelling! 

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