A Quick Guide To Quick Analysis In Excel

Here is a quick look at all the great features and functions available with Excel’s Quick Analysis tool.

You can download the file here and follow along. If you get a preview, look for the download arrow in the upper right hand corner.

The best way to see the great features of Quick Analysis is to view the video. However, I will show several screenshots below of many of the things you can do.

To start, highlight your data area. In the bottom right-hand corner will appear this icon. If you hover over it, a pop-up will appear with an explanation:


You can either click on the icon or use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Q and the menu will appear:


Here you can see several sections of the menu:

Currently Formatting is chosen, and below are the options available. Hover over any one and Excel will provide a preview of that option. Here are just a few screenshots of those and other options:






Notice in the screenshot where I highlighted Table, Quick Analysis gave me two options: converting the data range into a Table, or a blank PivotTable.

However, if the data range is more conducive to a PivotTable, Quick Analysis will offer several PivotTable options. Selecting any one will create that PivotTable on a separate worksheet:


Quick Analysis is a tool that you just need to play around with to see all the variables available. It is truly a quick and easy way to create a variety of formats, functions and tools within Excel!

Happy Excelling!

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