Hello! My name is Michael Rempel…..

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I’ve been a busboy, worked at a gas station, unloaded trucks in a warehouse, and was president of a $47 million manufacturing company.  

But in my real life, I’m a drummer (Buddy Rich is my hero! Click here for a video of the greatest drum solo!)

A marathon runner who has always admired Deena Kastor (she was featured in the 2007 documentary, “Spirit of the Marathon,” a “must-see” for all runners),

and a volunteer, assisting the elderly in remaining independent.

I’m also a wine lover.  Since my wife and I live in the northeastern part of the country, the New York Finger Lakes region is our second home!  Click here for more information on this great destination!

And I love numbers!  I guess when you run a large company, knowing how to add and subtract comes in pretty handy!  Statistics, analysis, trending, and forecasting get my blood a-pumpin’! That may sound boring to some (I guess running 26.2 miles may, too), but when the numbers all come together and you cross that finish line, it’s a real rush!

If you like numbers with a beat and a nice side of vino, you may have come to the right place!