Auto Fill Your Cell Part 2 In Excel

Here is an option in Excel that allows you to fill the entire width of your cell with whatever you type into it:

We learned in a previous post here how to fill the balance of your cell with whatever character you indicate using custom formatting. Take a minute to watch that post.

Today I want to show you how to fill the entire cell with your entry. To do so, just select the cell or cells you want to fill, then go to the Format Cells dialog box (you can use the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl + 1), click on the Alignment tab, then under the Horizontal option select “Fill”:


Now, type anything into that cell and it will repeat for the whole width of that column. For example:

Type a period and you will get “…………….”
Type “la” and you will get “lalalalalalalalala”
Type “ball ” (notice the space after ball) and you will get “ball ball ball ball ”

Happy Excelling!

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