EDATE Function in Excel

Here’s how you can use the EDATE function in Excel to manipulate dates:

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Text version (note: click on an image for a better view):

Here is an example of using the EDATE function. I have a contract with a date of 5/1/2013 and a 12 month renewal period. I want to have Excel add 12 months to the contract date if it’s renewed, but if the contract is not renewed, and the date is less than today, consider it “Expired”:


EDATE returns the serial number of the date that is the indicated number of months before or after the start date. The syntax for EDATE is =EDATE(start_date,months). In our scenario, the start date is the contract date (C5) and the months is the Length (D5). Therefore, based on the IF statement in cell F5, if the Renew is Yes, perform the EDATE function which is to take the contract date and add 12 months to it. If not, then use the contract date, and the IF statement in cell G5 will indicate “Expired”.

Here is the result if E5 is Yes:


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