Formatting Inserted Rows or Columns In Excel

Excel makes it easy to format the rows or columns you insert into your worksheet based on the cells around them. Here’s how:

(Note: Video version above, text version below)

Text version (note: click on the image for a better view):

When inserting rows or columns in a formatted worksheet, it is often frustrating to get the formatting for the new row or column correct. Excel provides an Insert Options button to assist with this. Here is a data range into which I want to insert a row between the two different formatted areas. By right-clicking on the row where I want the insertion, and selecting Insert, Excel will add a row to my range. Excel also provides an options button which allows me to choose if I want the new row formatted as above:


… or as below:


… or with no formatting at all:



By default, Excel selects the formatting as above, but I have the choice of which I want to use.  This becomes even more important when I am adding a row just below the header:



This option now makes it easier to choose the row below for formatting:



This option can also be used for inserting columns, allowing you to choose formatting from the left or right column:



Hopes this helps.

Happy Excelling!

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