How To Copy The Format Of A Chart In Excel

You’ve created a spectacular looking chart in Excel, and now need to create another that looks the same, but don’t want to spend all the time and effort remembering how you did it for the second one. In this short tutorial, you’ll see how easy it is to copy the format of a chart from one to another in Excel.

You can download the file here and follow along. If you get a preview, look for the download arrow in the upper right hand corner.

We have twelve months of sales data in a list and have created a unique looking chart from that data:


We have another set of data that we want to create a second chart from:


We want to make sure that it is formatted exactly like the first one, but don’t want to spend all the time trying to remember how to do it.

The solution is very simple, just follow these steps:

1) Select the data for the second chart and then insert the same type of chart that you did to start the first one. In our example, I used a basic column chart


2) Select the first chart and copy it (use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + C)
3) Select the second chart, then go the the Home tab, click on the down arrow below Paste in the Clipboard group and select Paste Special
4) From the Paste Special dialog box, select Format and click OK


The second chart is formatted exactly as the first!

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