How To Show A Blank Option With Select Photos From A Drop Down List In Excel

In this video we’ll take a look at how to modify previous videos I’ve done on pulling in photos tied to a drop down list by adding an option so that if nothing is selected, a blank cell will appear.

You can download the file here and follow along. If you get a preview, look for the download arrow in the upper right hand corner.

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The easiest way to understand this process is to watch the video from the original post (or review the text of that video). Once you understand the process, the steps to allowing for a blank entry are:

1) Create a cell with the name “blank” – don’t insert anything into that cell
2) Modify the formula for the WinePhoto Name Manager entry from:




This will check to see if the drop down list is blank. If it is, it will insert the blank cell. If it is not, it will pull the image located in the cell that is referenced in cell C2.

And that’s all there is to it!

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