How To Sync Scrolling Of Two Worksheets From The Same Workbook In Excel

There are times when you may want to view two different worksheets from the same workbook and, if there are a large number of rows, may want them to scroll in sync so you can view similar data simultaneously. Here is how to do that in Excel.

You can download the file here and follow along. If you get a preview, look for the download arrow in the upper right hand corner.


I have a file called SyncScroll.xlsx with two tabs: YR 2013 with blue headers and YR 2014 with green headers:



I can go to the View tab and in the Window group, select “New Window”:


As soon as I do, Excel will open up a brand new version of the same file and indicate in the header the name of the original as SyncScroll.xlsx1 and the new version SyncScroll.xlsx2


In addition, notice the command “View Side by Side is now activated:


Now, when I click that command, Excel will tile those two versions of the same file side by side. Here I’ve selected YR 2013 in the original and YR 2014 in the second file. Also note that when I clicked on New Window, Excel did not carry over the Freeze Panes that I had set up, so I activated that option on the second version:


And when I scroll down, the both move in sync:


Also, I can turn off the sync scrolling by clicking on the Synchronous Scrolling command, and they will no longer move in unison:


The last item I wanted to mention is that these are not two separate files, but the same file in two different views. So anything I do to one of the versions is done to both. If I delete the data from the first two weeks in SyncScroll.xlsx1, it will delete it in both:


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