LAST CHANCE Dashboard Course Closing Thurs. Jan 29, 2015

A Message from Mynda Tracy from My Online Training Hub:
You’re nearly out of time.

Registration for Excel Dashboard class is closing soon.

On Thursday January 29, 8pm in Los Angeles, to be exact. That’s Friday 2pm in Queensland, Australia, or Friday 4am in the U.K and Ireland.

Free Excel Dashboard Webinar

In addition to my Excel Dashboard class, last week I ran a series of free Excel Dashboard webinars on how to build an interactive Excel Dashboard that you can update each month/week in under 1 minute.

The feedback from the webinar was overwhelming. I received hundreds of emails of thanks, and messages simiar to this:

“Thank you! This webinar has already saved tremendous time and effort. I tried some of the techniques you illustrated for a cumbersome report update that I can see will cut our preparation time by 2/3’s or more.  ….awesome! Many thanks!!!!

Cynthia Tashjian”

If you aren’t sure if you can use Dashboards in your work you can catch the webinar replay here to get a better idea:

Online Excel Dashboard Course

And if you’re ready for more you can consider my online Excel Dashboard course where you can learn how to make interactive Excel Dashboards like the one below, which is based on Olympics data spanning 1896 to 2012.

Actually it’s 3 dashboards in one file with tabs (like a web browser) to enable you to easily navigate between them (see it in action here).

Who is the course for?

If your work requires preparation of reports in Excel (or you’d like it to) then this course is for you.

I’m going to show you some simple rules (that most people don’t know), which you can use in all of your Excel work that will get your job done more quickly and efficiently, and of course teach you how to make killer dashboards including animated charts and other cool interactive elements.

Click here for more information and a sample video from the course (it’s worth watching just to learn this tip).

What members’ are saying about the course:

I’ve had some amazing feedback from people who have joined the course, including this one from Mike McEldowney:

“I love this course. I am beginning the second time through the videos. Thank you for creating an excellent dashboard course. I’ve learned so much and I’m sure that watching again will allow me to ingrain more of the techniques into my brain. I’ve posted my first dashboard to our intranet using the OneDrive method that you sent to us.

Your detailed explanation of the many formulae has really helped me. I was having difficulty grasping the concept of INDEX/MATCH until you explained it so clearly.

I’m actually looking forward to reviewing these videos many times.”


And this one recently from Tanya:

“I already reviewed all 10 sessions of Excel Dashboard.  You are a genius.  You provide all methodologies, tools and tips in very organized way and logical sequences.

Most of my questions in the past 15+ years working with Excel were answered one at the time when I went through your training.

I am so excited to use your advice and tools to build the dashboard for my project which is due next 2 weeks. My dashboard will be un-beatable if I compare it with the old style dashboards that my co-workers built for my workplace. They are not interactive at all, only the button for filtering the selections.”


I could go on and on with examples of unsolicited feedback but I don’t want to take up too much of your time. If you’d like to read more you can do so here:

Loads of people have already enrolled and are on their way to making some awesome dashboards.If you’re ready to take your Excel skills to the next level in 2015 and get that promotion, or new job, then click here.

And if you have any questions please reply to this email and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Kind regards,

Microsoft Excel MVP
Co-founder My Online Training Hub

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