Macros For Multiple Workbooks In Excel

Here is how you can record a macro in Excel to be used in any workbook from your computer:

This post assumes you know how to record a basic macro.

Normally, when you create a macro in Excel, it is stored only in the workbook in which you are working. However, Excel does offer the option to store it in a separate workbook that you can access with any file on your computer.

When creating a macro, after clicking on the Record macro button in the lower left corner of your workbook:


Name it (in this case “StyleHeader”), and choose a letter to activate it (I picked “Ctrl m”). From the drop down menu, choose “Personal Macro Workbook”:


This will store the macro in a separate workbook called PERSONAL.XLSB. Now you will be able to access the macro from any workbook on your computer:


The personal workbook is opened as a hidden workbook every time you start Excel. Macros saved in the Personal Workbook can not be accessed if the PERSONAL.XLSB file is closed.

Happy Excelling!

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