Paste Special Skip Blanks In Excel

Paste special skip blanks can be confusing. Here is a simple explanation as to how it works:

Here I have a small graphic with numbers 1 through 8 in column F, but 5 and 6 are missing and those cells are blank. I’m going to paste them into column G using the standard method of Ctrl + V, and also paste them into column H using Paste Special, Skip Blanks to show you the difference:


First, I’ll highlight the cells in column F and use Ctrl + C to copy them. Then, when I paste them using Ctrl + V into column G, here is the result:


Notice that it exactly duplicated what was in the copied cells, including the blanks.

Now, to choose Paste Special, Skip Blanks, I’ll right click on the first cell where I want to paste the copied cells, click on Paste Special, then check the box for Skip Blanks:


Now, when I click on OK, here is the result:


Notice how it copied all the cells into the destination range EXCEPT where there were blanks in the originating cells. In that case, it didn’t paste those blanks, but SKIPPED them and left the data that was in the destination cells.

I hope that made sense! Thanks for checking out this post. Please feel free to comment and share this information.

Happy Excelling!

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