Pinning Recent Docs In Excel

In the Backstage view of Excel you can set the number of recent documents you want to display. But Excel also let’s you identify which you want to “pin” to always remain on the list. Here’s how:

In Excel, you can view the most recent documents you’ve opened by going to the Backstage view and clicking on the Open option in the menu:


You can change the number of workbooks displayed by going to the Display group under Options => Advanced and changing the quantity:


This list will constantly change as you open, save, and close various workbooks. However, if there are ones that you always want to appear in the list, you can “pin” them. If you hover over any of the workbooks, you will see a pin icon to the right:


Click on that pin icon, as I have done for two workbooks here, and they will be placed at the top of the list above the line, and will remain on the list regardless of the number of workbooks you open:



Happy Excelling!

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