Pricing and Paying Forward

Please Help Me Use Excel to Spread(sheet) Some Good Works

Thanks for taking a minute to read this message. I offer assistance to anyone who needs help with Excel, from a simple formula to larger, more elaborate projects. For that assistance, I’ll now offer some options of compensation:

1) For significant projects, my rate is $45.00 per hour. I don’t charge for the initial consultation, nor for any research I need to do to improve my knowledge on a concept.
2) For simpler solutions, go to my website at, look for the “Donate” button in the right column, and make a donation. I might suggest a minimum of $5.00.


My assistance is free, with the stipulation that you perform some small act of paying it forward. It could be anything from donating a canned good to a local foodbank to helping someone in need. I only ask that you drop me a note to let me know, in very general terms, what that act of kindness was. I will compile an anonymous list of all the good Excel is doing to help others.

All of this will be implemented on the honor system; no verification will be done. My hope is to use my Excel expertise as a tool to give back and pay forward. Thanks for helping.