Scenario Manager Update In Excel

Here is an update to the Scenario Manager post we did previously:

We previously did a post on Scenario Manager, but today we are going to add a nice twist to simplify the access of the various scenarios. Here we have a range of 3 products and we want to change the Price by varying the factor under Adjustment:


We will create our various scenarios by changing the value of the Adjustment. I’ll highlight cells M1:M2 where the Adjustment is, then click on the Scenario Manager option from the What-If Analysis button on the Data tab:


When the Senario Manager dialog box pops up, click Add…:


Name the Scenario (I’ve chosen “Original” – no spaces):


Click OK. Excel will enter the data from the highlighted fields. You can have several labels and fields in your scenarios. I’ve just chosen one here for simplicity:


Click OK again and you will see that it’s added to the Scenario Manager:


To add the next scenario, close this dialog box, change the adjustment, highlight cells M1:m2 again, open the Scenario Manager and click Add:


After going through the full process for each, I’ve now added 4 scenarios. To view the results of any one, highlight it and click “Show” and the values for that scenario will appear in my data range:


At this point I have created my 4 scenarios. To view any of them, I will need to click on the What-If Anaylysis from the Data tab, choose Scenario Manager, select any of my options and click Show.

But wait! There’s an easier way to toggle through the scenarios!

Right-click on the Quick Access Toolbar and choose Customize Quick Access Toolbar:


Select “All Commands” at the top, then click on Scenario and Add it to your QAT:


Excel has now put an icon in your Quick Access Toolbar that allows you to select any of your scenarios and toggle through the options to see your results:



Happy Excelling!

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