Scientific Or Exponential Format In Excel

Have you ever typed a large number into Excel, like 26958673958432, and Excel displayed 2.69587E+13 instead? How do you “fix” that?

Well, Excel is set up normally that when you enter a number of 11 digits or less with General formatting, it will adjust the column width larger if necessary and display the entered digits.

However, with 12 or more digits, Excel will convert it to scientific notation.

To correct this, just format the cells as Numbers (you may want to reduce the decimal places to zero digits).

Here are some examples of what will happen when entering that 14 digit number I referenced above:

Here I entered the number with the cell set as General format. Notice how the column width automatically adjusted from the standard 8.43 to 11.29:


Here I preformatted the cell as Number with zero decimal places. Excel auto-adjusted the column width to 14.43:


Try different formatting and see what results you get.

Happy Excelling!

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