Three Quick Tips For Today In Excel

Here are three quick tips that I’ve recently come across that are time savers. I hope you like them:

These three tips come from various sources of other Excel Experts. I wish I could remember where I saw each to give them credit, but hopefully a general kudos to all who have offered these tips recently will suffice.

1) Instead of using the equal sign to start a simple math equation like =5+3, use the + sign (+5+8). The benefit of this is that you can keep your hand on the keypad and not move it over to the equal sign.

2) To convert a single formula to its value, instead of copying and pasting values only, just hit the F2 F9 Enter keys in succession. This will only work on single cells, not an entire range, but is a much quicker way than using the mouse or another series of keystrokes.

3) To find an external file link in your workbook, do a Ctrl + F (Find), then enter a “[“. Before you click Find All, click on Options and choose “Workbook” from the Within options:


Then click “Find All” and Excel will take you right to the worksheet and cell where the link is:


Happy Excelling!

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