Use “Ctrl + A” To Save The Day With Formulas In Excel

There are many ways to start the creation of your formula in Excel. First, you can go to the Formulas tab and select the function you want from the Function Library:


You can also click on the Insert Function button on the Formula bar and type in a description of what you want to do, and Excel will bring up a list or recommendations:


Select the one you want, click OK and Excel will bring up the Function Arguments dialog box to walk you through structuring your formula:


Or, if you know the function you want to use, you can just start typing it after the “=” sign, hit tab and Excel will show you the arguments required for that function:


But let’s say you’ve chosen option 3 – to manually start creating the function, and you’re stumped on the correct way to structure it. After you’ve typed “=” and the function name, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + A and Excel will bring up the Function Arguments dialog box to help walk you through the formula:


Now you can use the Function Arguments dialog box to walk through each of the arguments to ensure you are structuring your formula correctly!

Happy Excelling!

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