Using The Clipboard In Excel

Here is how you can use the Clipboard in Excel to your benefit when you need to copy multiple items from one sheet to another:

Excel (and other Office products) provides an easy way to copy multiple items from one or many locations and paste them multiple times and in various areas of a workbook.

Here I have four data ranges that I want to copy and then paste in various locations and possibly multiple times:


I’ll start out by highlighting the first range I want to copy, but instead of using Ctrl C, I’ll use Ctrl C C. This will open the Clipboard and copy the first range to it:


Now I can highlight the rest of the ranges individually and use Ctrl C to copy them to the clipboard:


Then I can go to the sheet or sheets where I want to paste these, put my cursor in the destination cell(s) and click on the items on the clipboard. I can paste each once or multiple times:


When I know I’m done pasting, I can click on the Clear All tab and close the Clipboard and I’m done!

Happy Excelling!

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