What Is With The QAT in Excel

Here are some great reasons to customize and relocate the Quick Access Toolbar:

(Note: Video version above, text version below)

Text version (note: click on an image for a better view):

The Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) is a great tool from Excel to easily access and use your most popular actions. There are three main points I like to make about using the QAT:
1) locate it below the ribbon. To do this, right click on the QAT and select “Show Quick Access Toolbar Below The Ribbon”. This makes it much easier and quicker to get the to the functions you need and use most often.
2) Putting your most used functions on the QAT makes them available regardless of what tab you are on. I have several including various formatting options like Bold, Fill Color, Number formatting, etc. on mine and I can implement these regardless of what tab I’m on without going back to the Home tab.
3) If you are a user of the Alt key, Excel numbers the QAT from 1-9 then 09-01 for the first 18 items you add the the QAT. This makes it very simple to access these functions without taking your hands off the keyboard.

See my layout below:


After hitting the Alt key:


To customize the QAT, just right-click on it and select Customize Quick Access Toolbar and the Excel Options dialog box pops up. You can select any options you’d like, add it to the column on the right, then use the up and down arrows on the right to rearrange them.


So get your QAT in shape and be a super-exceller!

Happy Excelling!

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